Pro Tools Performance and Stability on Apple M1 MacBook Pro.. I Pushed It Until It Broke!

Hey you! Thanks for taking the time to watch this video. Hope it is helpful.

Basically, I wasn’t sure if my stuff (read: pro tools and audio plug-ins) would work with the Rosetta 2 Intel-to-Arm stuff would work for my music prod workflows. Luckily, I was pleasantly surprised with Pro Tools managing so well under heavy workload, including the Neural DSP Plini plugin used in this video.

BUT, I didn’t mention this in the vid, but if you rely on Native Instruments plug-ins, STAY AWAY for now. As of 12/14/20 there’s no official support roadmap, and they don’t even let you attempt to install their products via Apple Rosetta 2. That sucked in particular for me, since I’ve moved almost all my drum software solutions to Get Good Drums, which requires the NI Kontakt player.

More vids to come, including some actual guitar and music stuff.

Have a good day and stuff and let’s hope you don’t get a severe illness and give it to all your family and everyone have a horrible Christmas. Ok cool, bye!

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