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CRAS Pro Tools Instructor Phil Nichols is going to give a look at using memory locations to show and hide specific tracks. I have a session where I have already grouped all of my tracks into drums, piano, guitars, etc.

In the Edit window, I personally would like the tracks to fill up the space in the edit window when I select that group. Since they are the only tracks that I am seeing, I would prefer that they occupy more space. I have more space, and I would like to use that.

Currently, if I show the organs and I want them taller, I need to use my mouse to select a drop down menu to make them taller, or perhaps use a keyboard quick key – Control-Option-Up or Down. Then if I want to zoom in, I can press T or to zoom out R; or even the zoom presets. But as you can see this involves multi-step operations to make all this happen.

I can combine all of these operations by creating my own preset window configuration and save it with a memory location for this session.

Video Editor – Zach Duncan
Music by Last Call Kings (G.Fimbres)

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