MattyBRaps – Friend Zone (ft Gracie Haschak)


Hi BBoys & BGirls! Hope you enjoy watching the Official Music Video to my new single, “Friend Zone” featuring Gracie Haschak! This song and music video was so much fun to create with my friends. Hope you enjoy!

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MattyB: So I was thinking maybe we could be more than just friends…
Gracie: You mean like best friends?
MattyB: No, you know. More than that.
Gracie: You mean like MEGA best friends!?


I think we could be
Something more than
Gracie: “just good friends?
but she’s got me beat
caught up in the friend
caught up caught up in the friend zone
if you make your move
and she says
Gracie: “but we’re best friends”
then you’re probably
caught up in the friend
caught up caught up in the friend zone

Lemme tell you ‘bout this girl I know
Breakin necks everywhere she go
She’s a mean young teen
Ain’t a thing to fix up like a model
Jaws drop when she walks through the door
Making all them other boys
Tryin’ tryin’ run up on her and holla
And they tryin’ hard with all their might
But she’s a real good girl
Born and raised down in southern California
And her mama done raised her right
I wanna wanna get to know her
Gotta be smart how I approach her
I gotta play my cards right like it’s poker
But she – gets hit on every single day – uh
So I gotta find a better way – yeah
Baby tell me what’s on your mind
Said Tell me every little single thing (aww your so sweet!)
Yeah girl I got a shoulder to lean, she like
Gracie: Aww, you’re like a brother to me!



Through thick and thin
He’s my friend to the end
I never have to put a guard up
If I’m with him
I can get fixed up
Yeah you do that perfectly
Thanks! I LOVE how he NEVER flirts with me
We go on play dates
And we can just talk for hours
And it’s sooo sweet when he brings me friendship flowers
He’s my best friend like in the whole wide world
And I heard he’s single ladies
But I like a girl!
We should go shop
I’m just playin’! What I’m really in the mood … wait, what where you saying
Well, can best friends ever go steady?
No! but best friends DO give mani pedis!



Bridge Skit

MattyB: Hey there’s something that I REALLY need to talk to you about
Gracie: Ugh! I’ve had something on my mind too!
MattyB: I feel like you and I have become really really close
Gracie: Yeah, like SUPER close!
MattyB: Yeah, but not really. I’ve fallen for somebody.
Gracie: You have?
MattyB: Yeah!
Gracie: Me too!
MattyB: Really?
Gracie: I know it’s crazy! To think I’m in LOVE with your BEST FRIEND!

MattyB: Hold up!


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