HUGE PVE Skill Buff, Star's End New Spot, Crafting Flocestra Music Tools (Global Lab 25 March 2021)

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Guide Shai’s Music Daily Quest:
[Global Lab 11 March 2021] Shai New Musical Instrument:
Music Log #1, Honor of Calpheon Quest Line Guide:
Music Log #2, Party in Florin Quest Line Guide:
Translated Global Lab 25 March 2021 Patch Website:

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Time Stamp:
00:00 Intro
00:18 Tips to Watch Any of Chris Poli’s Video
01:16 Huge PVE Skill Damage (Class Ballancing)
02:07 How to Craft New Shai Flochestra Musical Instrument
03:33 New Daily Quest to get Material Flochestra Musical Instrument
04:40 New Weekly Quest Requirement to get Material Flochestra Musical Instrument
06:04 How to Get Blueprint Flochestra Musical Instrument
06:38 New Feature to Connect Node Automatically
08:50 New Star’s End Grinding Spot Mechanic
09:41 New Nodewar Mechanic Change From Korea Server Feedback
10:40 Another Minor Fix & Change
10:48 Special Thanks for Direct Support
11:21 Support Chris Poli Channel on Patreon/KaryaKarsa/Youtube Membership
11:58 Ending

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