Hifi Equipment Rack Build | Music Listening Room Part 2 – by SoundBlab

Today I am building this enclosed hifi equipment rack with integrated power sockets and cooling fan.
This hifi rack is the second part of my Listening Room Build Series. I live in a fairly large studio. It was originally an old industrial building, now converted to live-in studio spaces with workshops. It can get fairly dusty in here, especially when the famous south easter wind blows here in Cape Town. Thus, this equipment rack has to be enclosed, and also should then have some sort of air flow management to prevent the equipment inside to overheat. Sure, this is not the typical hifi rack with spiked feet and anti-vibration technology built in, but I am ultimately more interested in keeping my equipment dust free and working still for many years to come.

Kreg Shelf Pin Jig:
Computer Case Filters 140mm:
Arctic F14 Silent Computer Case Fan 140mm :

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