FREE | Quarantine Music Production Plugins, Software and Tools!

Here are some free music production plugins, software and tools for you to use during quarantine. These companies range from Ableton to Roland. Also includes Arturia, Logic, Serato studio and more!

Arturia Plugins Sale –
Arturia Analog Lab (Free Trial till July 3) –
Arturia Pigments (Free Trial Till July 3) –
Sound Toys Effect Rack (Free Trial Offer Ends Apr 28 but trial period lasts till June 30) –
Ableton (Free Trial 90 Days) –
Serato Studio (Free Version) –
The Cure 1.8GB Samples (Royalty Free) –
More FREE Sample Packs –


πŸ”₯ InflightMuzik Drum Packs πŸ‘‰

πŸ”” Let’s Hit 10K Subs πŸ‘‰
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πŸ”” InflightMuzik Beats Channel πŸ‘‰


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πŸ”₯ FREE KITS and MORE πŸ”₯
πŸš€ FREE Exotic Melody Kit πŸ‘‰
πŸš€ FREE Dark Melody Kit πŸ‘‰
πŸš€ FREE Dark Chords Kit πŸ‘‰
πŸš€ FREE Lush Chords Kit πŸ‘‰
πŸš€ FREE FL Studio Template πŸ‘‰

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