Free Music Tools, Resources & Downloads – Full Suite!

The best suite of free music tools, resources and downloads on the web:

We want everyone in the world to have easy and free access to the tools they need in order to learn music. That’s why we have created this free suite of music tools and haven’t hidden them behind a members only area.

Here’s what’s included in our FREE suite:

1. Music Research Engine:

2. Metronome:

3. Piano Chord Finder:

4. Guitar & Ukulele Basic Chord Dictionary:

5. Guitar Chord Finder:

6. Backing Tracks:

7. Guitar Video Lessons

8. Free eBooks On Practice Tips

9. Inspirational Music Quote Images

10. Printable Music Sheets

No matter what instrument you’re studying, or even if you’re no longer a student but are a seasoned performer or even a teacher, you’ll find useful tools in our suite.

Having easy access to things like interactive chord dictionaries, backing tracks and the ability to quickly research the music and information about any artist or song is invaluable for students and teachers alike.

For students, the benefits are obvious. For teachers, all you will need is your phone or a tablet and you’ll have a very powerful teaching tool available to you. Using our apps and resources you’ll be able to illustrate your lessons even if you teach in a student’s home and therefore don’t have your normal studio teaching material.

Are you an absolute beginner? Our free resources are a great place to start. There’s literally something for everyone.

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