Building The Equipment Rack – Sound Advice 12

The equipment rack houses the core “active” electronic components of the sound system. With many different styles and options to choose from, it can be very overwhelming. And not knowing where to begin can be that one thing that keeps you from ever starting. This video is a great springboard for anyone learning to build, load, and wire an equipment rack. It demonstrates practical tips and steps for any pro audio rack build. For the seasoned audio veteran, I present my best practices and styles honed over two decades in the profession and wisdom from some of the industry greats. Always take time to be a craftsman!

Equipment used in this build:

Middle Atlantic BRK14
Middle Atlantic Rack Screws
Panduit Finger Duct G2X2BL6
Furman PL Plus
Audio Technica System 10
DBX Driverack VENU360
Ashly SRA4150
Ashly NE800PE
Altec Lansing 70V Transformer
Plenty of zip ties

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