4 Essential Music Tools for Musicians (part 1) using Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro 8 iOS (iPhone & iPad)

Today we are going to show you the Tools Panel in Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro 8
This suite of music tools will take any song and transform it applying various music concepts. Think of it as the transform tool in Photoshop, but for music.

12 Keys Workouts
Reharmonization Techniques
Target Notes
Upper Structures

These are essential tools for musicians from beginners to advanced levels.

0:00 Intro
0:35 12-Key Workouts
1:45 Reharmonization Tool
5:30 Watch part 2 for Upper Structures & Target Notes

Check out Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro here:

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Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro is an interactive music theory app accompanied by 7 workbooks to teach and study tonal harmony.

Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro is an app for iPad and iPad Pro available on the App Store.

For Mac OSX


Jazz Demo:

Classical Demo:

Film & Video Game Music Demo:

Pop Music Demo:

Learn all functions and cadences in all keys.
Practice Improvisation with its play along.
Write your own music using a map that reveals the secrets of tonality.

Learn about harmonic progressions and functions,. Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro is an incredible tool for songwriters, composers, students and teachers. From Jazz & Classical to Pop, Rock & New Age music, this app will take your writing and understanding of tonal music and music theory to the next level. Learn how to use chords and interpret their harmonic functions. Use the app as a harmonic ear training tool.

There is also an optional collection of seven Workbooks for the app.

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